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Please fill out our International Passenger Information Form and send it to us no later than 14 days prior to your flight. Your email confirmation of your order (reservation) has a link to the form to enter your passenger and passport information for Canadian flights.

International Flights: For travelers flying to international destinations within Canada, please be prepared to clear customs, both upon entering Canada, and returning to the United States. VALID PASSPORTS are required for air travel between the US and Canada. Passport cards, NEXUS cards and Enhanced Drivers Licenses are not valid for air travel on our flights. We have put together some comprehensive information of Frequently asked questions about travel to and from Canada and the US. There are many resourceful links to answering questions about international travel. We hope they will be helpful to you. We strongly encourage you to read the information we have provided for you before travelling with us.

Terminal Locations: The NORTHWEST SEAPLANES TERMINAL is conveniently located within the heart of the Seattle metropolitan area. We’re near the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 405, in Renton Washington, on the northwest corner of the Renton Municipal Airport – just minutes from the Eastside and Seattle Tacoma International Airport.  Our Canadian Terminal is located on Campbell River’s Tyee Spit.

1. Renton Terminal: 860 W. Perimeter Rd. * Renton, WA 98057
2. Campbell River: Coril Air Facility * 3050 Spit Road * Campbell River, BC V9W 5C5

Passenger Terminal: Our terminal features a comfortable lounge area for passengers. Juice, Soda, and Bottled Water are available for sale. Northwest Seaplanes hats and t-shirts are also available for sale at our Renton Terminal.

Parking: There is plenty of free short term and long term parking available directly adjacent to our terminal.

Check-In Time – Renton: Please be at our terminal in Renton 1 hour prior to departure for all international departures and 20 minutes for domestic flights. Due to Customs preparations for international flights, we request a little extra time to check you in.

Check-In Time – Seaplane Destinations: Please be at the departure dock at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Due to weather and routing, your aircraft may arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure or as late as 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Baggage: Please limit your baggage (for scheduled flights) to two soft-sided piece of luggage. Total weight should not exceed 25 pounds per person. Baggage in excess of this amount will be checked at an additional charge of $2 per pound, $25 minimum, only on a space available basis. Fish you have caught on your trip are not included in this weight restriction. However, the allowance for fish is for your catch only not to exceed 80 lbs per person.

Fish Transport and Packaging: We transport your catch in our aircraft float compartments. Due to physical space on the aircraft, your catch will only be accepted if it is individually bagged. Northwest Seaplanes offers fish packaging services for airline and long distance travelling. We professionally package your catch in wet-lock boxes with gel ice for those travelling on airline flights. If you are traveling locally and have your own vehicle, you may bring your own cooler and store it in your vehicle. There are a few convenience stores locally that have cubed ice for sale.

Ground Transfers: Ground transportation from our terminal in Renton to Sea-Tac International Airport is available. If you require transportation to Sea-Tac, please let us know in advance of your travel date. The service is a shuttle which means that it waits for everybody traveling to Sea-Tac before departing. If you require immediate transportation to Sea-Tac on your arrival, please let our staff know and they can schedule a taxi for immediate service at your own expense.

Taxi service from Sea-Tac to our terminal in Renton is available by taxi. An average cab fare from Sea-Tac to Renton is about $30. Uber and Lyft are available in our area and are the best form of transportation around the area. We highly recommend them over taxi cabs as they are very unreliable time wise and are generally more expensive.

Hotel Accommodations locally:  Northwest Seaplanes has a special rate agreement with the Red Lion Hotel Renton (formerly the Holiday Inn Renton).  Not only do they offer a reduced room rate, they provide shuttle service between Sea-Tac and the hotel and the hotel to Northwest Seaplanes terminal. The Yankee Grill & Bar is located in the hotel with other restaurant options within walking distance.

Northwest Seaplanes has a special rate agreement with the Hyatt Regency. For an upscale retreat near the shores of Lake Washington, this hotel offers many amenities such as a 24 hr gym, a pool, a spa and fine dining inside the hotel at Water’s Table.

Please inquire upon making your flight reservations with us and we will get you the preferred rate information for making reservations.

Safety: Safety is our primary concern. Since our establishment in 1988, we have earned an impeccable safety record. Scheduled flight departure and duration times are based on expected conditions. Weather and other factors may affect our floatplane operations and therefore departure / arrival times cannot be guaranteed.

DOT Ban on all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices on airplanes: The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) prohibits individuals from transporting a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device either on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or from offering the device for air cargo shipment. The prohibition includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7. If passengers attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, they will be denied boarding unless and until the passenger removes the phone from their person as well as carry-on and checked luggage. For more information visit

Confirmation: Please confirm your seat reservation 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Changes to your Reservation Dates: Unforeseen changes in your travel plans can occur and we will do our best to accommodate them. During our peak season, space is very limited and changes in dates of travel may be impossible. A Change of dates of travel may considered cancelling and the applicable cancellation penalties below will apply.

Changes in Arrival and Departure Locations: Changes in your location of arrival and departure are generally not a problem. Travelling by boat can lead to changes due to weather or you may just enjoy the location you are at and want to stay just a little bit longer. That is no problem! Confirmation must be given in 24 hours of the changed location of departure or arrival by telephone with one of our representatives. Voice messages will not be accepted for confirmation. No fees will be associated with a location change. If the seat fare is less for the new location of arrival or departure, then the original location fare will apply. If the seat fare is more for the new location of arrival or departure, then the higher fare will apply and the difference will be charged.

Cancellations – Scheduled Flights:  Non refundable seat fares can be used for full future credit if the cancellations are made 48 hours in advance. Any cancellations received with less than 48 hours will not be entitled any future credit. No-show passengers will not be entitled to a refund. Non refundable tickets that are cancelled may be used for future credit of up to one year from the cancellation date.

By purchasing the refundable ticket option, your fare is fully refundable with greater than 48 hours notice of cancellation less the refundable ticket fee.

Cancellations – Charter Flights : Charter flights are subject to a 5% cancellation fee with greater than 48 hours notice. Less than 48 hours notice is a 50% cancellation fee. No-show charter flights will not be entitled to a refund. It is strongly recommended that travel insurance be purchased.

Weather Cancellations: All flight cancellations due to weather are entitled to a full refund.

Payments: NWS accepts cash,  debit or credit using Visa or MasterCard  (U.S. Dollars only please). Seat fares require payment in full at the time of the reservation to guarantee seat.  Charter flights require a 50% deposit and the balance due within 7 days of the flight.

For Additional Destinations, Schedules, or Reservations Call 1-800-690-0086.